Monday, February 14, 2011

Locked Inside by Nancy Werlin

Summary: (from back of book) Wealthy... and alone. As the daughter of the wildly successful inspirational singer-author Skye- who died in a plane crash when she was young- Marnie Skyedottir stands to inherit great wealth. But until she is old enough, she must survive a dreary life in private boarding school. She endures by escaping into an online role- playing game as much as possible, and steering well clear of the other girls. So when Marnie is kidnapped by someone who also claims to be Skye's daughter, she is terrified. With her reclusive tendencies. will anyone even notice that she's gone? And will her online gaming skills be of any help to her in this real life drama?
Review: I liked this book. It was an interesting read that I finished pretty quickly. I thought the first half of the book dragged a little and was kind of slow but my curiosity kept me reading. Towards the end things picked up and  turned into the exciting novel I had anticipated it would be. I was very surprised by the kidnapper and their story, the way that story played out was really interesting. I was convinced that I knew what was going to happen once all the surprises were revealed, even after I finished it I'm still not convinced that I'm wrong. Thats what I liked about it. I was involved and thinking about how the story was going to progress. Sadly, I kind of wish I had been right. I can't say I wasn't surprised by how it did end though.
I didn't really fele that connected with any of the characters. I was so focused on the plot I didn't really find the characters all that great. Of course there was a lot of character development and change towards the end. My favorite character was probably Max, even though he was hardly present. The moments where he was made me really like him and show that he really cares about Marnie. It did take a while for the story to become exciting but once it did I couldn't put it down. This is a good book for anyone who wants family drama and a pretty awesome plot.

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