Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hunger by Michael Grant

 This review may contain spoilers of previous books in the series
Summary:(from book jacket) It's been three months since all the adults disappeared. Gone. Food ran out weeks ago and starvation is imminent. Meanwhile, the normal teens have grown resentful of the kids with powers. And when an unthinkable tragedy occurs, chaos descends upon the town. There is no longer right and wrong. Each kid is out for himself and even the good ones turn murderous. But a larger problem looms. The Darkness, a sinister creature that has lived buried deep in the hills, begins calling to some of the teens in the FAYZ. Calling to them, guiding them, manipulating them. The Darkness has awakened. And it is hungry.
Review: This is the second book in the Gone series by Michael Grant. I really liked the way the story continued to play out in this book. It was really action packed and I was surprised at how quickly I finished it. There was never a dull moment throughout the entire book. I liked the storyline involving the Darkness a lot better than I did in the last book. It seemed a little bit less ridiculous. I was still surprised about some of the violence that occured in this book. Like I said in my review of Gone, this went beyond what a bunch of 14 year old kids are capable of. That being said, I really liked all the characters, especially Sam. He is really struggling with his role throughtout he book and it made me really like him. I always enjoy books with an abundance of characters and this book definitely does. I think all the characters were unique and well written. This book also deals with the real life problems that the kids are facing, in addition to the supernatural ones. The fact that they are running out of food makes thing very real and very serious, the desperation that many of them had made the story a little bit darker. The way thing were left in this book make me excited to read the rest of this series.

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