Friday, May 4, 2012

Firespell by Chloe Neill

Summary:(from back of book) When Lily's parents decide to send her to a fancy boarding school in Chicago, she is not happy. Lily's classmates are the ultra rich brat pack type- and if that isn't enough, she's hearing and seeing bizarre things on St. Sophia's creepy campus. The only thing keeping her sane is her roommate Scout, but even Scout's a little weird- she keeps disappearing late at night. When a prank leaves Lily trapped in the catacombs beneath the school, Lily finds Scout, who's running from a real life monster. Scout is part of a splinter group of rebel teens who protect Chicago from demons, vamps, and the gone to the dark side magic users called Reapers. She let's Lily in on her secret, even though Lily has no powers of her own...or at least none she's discovered yet.

Review: I think this book is  pretty typical for what it is. I enjoyed the story behind what this group does and the nature of the enemies they face. The plot was entertaining and well paced, which kept me interested, despite some of the more predictable moments. The ending especially, was pretty predictable although I am interested to see what happens in the next book. I thought there were a few things that could have been given a better explanation, but hopefully that will happen as the series continues. Now that the setup has been done in this book, I think the sequels will be even more action packed and exciting. I enjoyed getting to know Lily and Scout. They were both funny and awesome characters, at first I wasn't sure how I felt about Lily as the main character, but I liked her more and more as the story went on. Anyone who likes the many paranormal boarding school type of books should give this series a try.

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