Monday, August 1, 2011

Going Nowhere Faster by Sean Beaudoin

Summary: (from back of book) Hi, I'm Stan Smith. This book is about me. It's possibly the most interesting book ever written. Here's why:
1. I work at Happy Video.
2. I wear a name tag that says STAN.
3. I'm writing a movie script about robot ducks.
4. I'm sort of in love.
5. Someone named Chad is trying to kill me.
Review: I have previously read Fade to Blue and I have to say that this book was not quite as off the wall as that one was. The plot wasn't anything special but it was entertaining. I was never bored with the story. There were several parts of the book that made me laugh and I liked Stan's scripts that were scattered throughout the book. I also liked the somewhat subtle message of breaking stereotypes that you set for yourself and others around you. I thought Stan was a really funny and great narrator. I love it when I feel like a character is speaking directly to me and telling their story rather than living in their head. His family was so funny and random and crazy. Something interesting was always going on. This simple story made me smile. Anyone who wants a light and enjoyable read should start here.

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