Saturday, July 3, 2010

Feast of Fools Morganville Vampires Book 4 by Rachel Caine

This review may contain spoilers from the previous books in the series.
  Summary:( from back of book) In the college town of Morganville, vampires and humans have learned to live in relative peace. Still, students like Claire Danvers know that after dark, studying can take a back seat to staying alive. But the tenuous good-neighbor policy is really turned on its head with the arrival of Mr. Bishop. Bad to the bone, the ancient old- school vampire cares nothing about harmony. Staying at the top of the food chain is enough. What he wants from the town's living and dead is unthinkably sinister. It's only at a formal ball attended by vampires and their human dates that Claire realizes Bishop's plan- and the elaborately evil trap he's set for the warm blooded souls of Morganville.
  Review: Another exciting adventure in Morganville comes to a close. I enjoyed this book a lot but I am starting to have some issues with the series as a whole. This is the fourth book in the series and looking back at what has happened so far it doesn't really seem to all fit together. The characters will have a new set of problems and conflicts but most of these are pushed aside and hardly discussed so that the characters can focus solely on whatever bad evil vampire is trying to kill them. Believe it or not, that does get kind of old after a while. Regardless of that fact though, I did really enjoy it and can't wait to get my hands on the next one. The only other complaint I have is the fact that yet again someone wants Shane dead. I'm starting to suspect that Caine has continued to do that because of Claire's feelings for him. But seriously time to lay off of Shane for a while.
  Enough of the negative ,time to focus on the things I did like about it. First of all the story line of this book is really interesting. Mr. Bishop's arrival in town really set a whole new chain of events in motion . I am guessing that this book is the one that sets the rest of the series in motion and brings it to a whole new level. But, again I'm only guessing. Another thing I liked is Myrnin's part of the story. I enjoyed reading about him and his discoveries and am excited to see where that will lead.
 So far I have really enjoyed this series and definitely recommend you read it if you haven't already. Despite, the few things I didn't like this is one series that keeps me reading.

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