Saturday, December 29, 2012

Burger Wuss by M.T Anderson

Summary: (from goodreads)  Anthony has never been able to stand up for himself —- that is, not until his girlfriend is in someone else’s arms. Then Anthony vows revenge and devises the Plan. It begins with getting a job at the fast-food restaurant where his nemesis happens to be a star employee. But when the Plan is finally in place, will Anthony’s hunger for revenge be satisfied? Will he prove he’s not a wuss? 
Review: This was a pretty lighthearted and funny read. It is a humorous look at revenge and working in the fast food industry. Although I did enjoy it I found it a little bit hard to connect to the characters. The situations they found themselves in were a little bit hard to relate to. This book is pretty short as well which although it didn't need to be any longer, probably added to the lack of character development. Although this wasn't my favorite I would reccomend it to anyone who is looking for something mindless and funny. It was still a good read.  This is going to be a really short review because I don't relly have much esle to say about this book.

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