Saturday, November 3, 2012

Angry Management by Chris Crutcher

Summary:(from goodreads) Every kid in this group wants to fly. Every kid in this group has too much ballast.Mr. Nak's Angry Management group is a place for misfits. A place for stories. And, man, does this crew have stories.There's Angus Bethune and Sarah Byrnes, who can hide from everyone but each other. Together, they will embark on a road trip full of haunting endings and glimmering beginnings.And Montana West, who doesn't step down from a challenge. Not even when the challenge comes from her adoptive dad, who's leading the school board to censor the article she wrote for the school paper.And straightlaced Matt Miller, who had never been friends with outspoken genius Marcus James. Until one tragic week--a week they'd do anything to change--brings them closer than Matt could have ever imagined.Chris Crutcher fills these three stories with raw emotion. They are about insecurity, anger, and prejudice. But they are also about love, freedom, and power. About surviving.And hope.
Review: This is a book of three short novellas based on the characters from some of Crutcher's other books. All of these stories are about characters who are viewed a certain way by the people around them and are trying to live their lives in spite of that. I really liked all three stories but the one that stuck with me the most is Meet Me at the Gates, Marcus James. It was really well written and I couldn't help but feel bad for some the characters. I also liked the fact that Sarah Byrnes was included in this anthology because she is such an awesome character that think a lot of people can relate to in some way. I always think its somewhat hard to review anthologies so I'm just going to say that I think that fans of Chris Crutcher will enjoy this one as well.

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