Monday, September 9, 2013

Xbestia by Melissa Conway

Summary:(from goodreads) Twenty years into the future, bioengineered animals provide organs for human transplantation. Grafts of animal skin have replaced tattoos in popularity, which gives rise to a unique new demographic: xenofreaks. Bryn Vega’s father is head of the Pure Human Society and when she’s kidnapped by the Bestia Butcher, the most notorious of the criminal xenosurgeons, she assumes it's payback for her father’s anti-xeno activities. Scott Harding is her taciturn jailer-called Cougar because of the claws replacing his fingers-but Scott is not who he seems. Deep under cover for the Xenofreak Intelligence Agency, he’s been given unprecedented immunity to find the Bestia Butcher’s lair and do whatever it takes to bring him to justice. When Bryn is forced to undergo a radical xenoalteration, she discovers a terrible secret: her father is using The Pure Human Society as a front for his own purposes. His willingness to sacrifice his daughter to accomplish them sends her running to Scott for protection, and into the hard-core underground subculture of the very xenofreak society she once despised.
Review:  I thought this book was just OK. The premise is unique, but I thought there were some things that were a little bit confusing. There were a lot of characters and roles that were a little bit hard to keep straight. I also had a hard time connecting with any of the characters. Both Bryn and Scott were well written characters but they both annoyed me at times. The plot was entertaining and well paced but overall I thought the whole thing was a little bit drawn out. It seemed as if everyone was overreacting to everything. The actions of a lot of the characters didn't seem justified. The second half of the book was better than the first half and based on how things ended I am curious to see what happens next in the series. This book wasn't one of my favorites but it was enjoyable and I will be continuing with the next book. I hope that things start to make a little bit more sense.

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