Friday, October 22, 2010

How to (Un)cage a Girls by Francesca Lia Block

Summary: (from book jacket) The pain of wanting to fit in. The joy of being consumed by love. The shame of not feeling at home in your body. The strength of learning your beautiful. These are moments that every girl knows...for they are part of growing up, of uncaging yourself, form your childhood, your environment, your view of yourself. Francesca Lia Block follows the journey from girlhood to womanhood in this three part poetry collection that channels girls' innermost feelings and experiences and celebrates women everywhere. It is a call to embrace the girl within, to heal her and set her free.
Review: This book is really great. All the poems in the book really send the message of loving yourself for who you are and seeing beauty in yourself no matter what. I liked that because it doesn't seem to be a theme that is seen to often in ya books. This book is really short(only 119 pages) so I read it in a day. I really enjoyed the entire thing. my only problem was that the way some of the poems were laid out made it kind of hard to understand. There was no punctuation throughout most of it so some of the sentences were kind of hard to separate from each other. I also really would have liked to see this turn into more of a story. This subject is something that is really a problem for a lot of girls and showing a character go through that would be really great. I'm not complaing about this book necessarily but in genaerl it would be a good idea. i would recomend this book to every teenage gril who has a problem with seeing themsleves as beautiful.

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