Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cheater by Michael Laser

Summary: (from book jacket) Karl Petrofsky has spent most of his eleven years in school trying to hide the A+s scrawled across the top of his tests. Einstein,the jocks call him. Geek God,shout the skaters. Intel inside,quips his A.P calculus teacher. Karl prefers to imagine himself as the hero- the lone skeptic who harpoons pompous fakes with terse, devastating remarks. Back in real life though, whats a whiz kid to do? Finish his test and pretend to check his answers as he gazes with envy at Blaine Shore, the smoothest guy in high school.... but wait, hold on. Is Blaine checking his cell phone for answers to the test? And did Blaine just wink as Karl caught him cheating? When Blaine unexpectedly asks Karl to aid and abet his ring of high tech cheaters, Karl flatly refuses. but then the tyrannical assistant principal makes an example of a hapless student, and threatens anyone caught cheating with expulsion and an indelible stain on their permanent records. This means war!
   Review: I picked up this book at the library because it seemed like an interesting idea for a story. It was a very entertaining story and a fun read. As the plot continued to unfold it became really unrealistic and kind of ridiculous  as far as how realistic it was compared to what would actually happen in that situation. I found everything from the methods of cheating to how some of the adults responded to the situation to be a little bit far fetched.
    Another thing I didn't like about it was cheating was the only thing that happened in the whole book. The only times they were at school was to cheat on tests and the rest of the time they were talking about it. it made the story really patchy and kind of annoying.
   On the other hand I liked the way that Karl was portrayed in the story. Laser really showed Karl's internal struggle between cheating and wanting to do the right thing and I really liked seeing that. Another thing I enjoyed about it was the sense of humor of some of the other characters. Overall, not one of my favorites i like the idea behind it more than the actual story.

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